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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Zario Travezz, Nico Santino, Taye Scott

Hot, Raw and Ready!

Description : Nico Santino and Taye Scott take turns sucking on Zario Travezz' nice plump cock. Neither stud can get enough dick in their faces, and they don't stop until Zario is ready for more. Zario wants to eat ass and bends Nico over to get his fill. Nico is more than willing and takes Taye's massive meat down his throat as Zario continues rimming the ass in front of him. Nico is practically begging for a raw dick up his hole and Zario is happy to help the stud out. Zario stands up and slowly slides his dick deep into the eager stud, going balls deep and bareback until Nico has what he wants. Nico takes Zario in his ass as Taye continues fucking Nico's face from the front. Now Nico wants a turn fucking and rolls Taye onto his back for a good look at the stud he's about to destroy. Nico slams his dick into Taye's hole and pumps away as Zario hops on to shove his cock and ass in Taye's hungry face. Now it's Nico's turn for a final bit of action as he hops on top of Taye with his ass in the air. Zario brings up the rear and alternates slamming both studs with his massive raw cock until he blasts his load all over Taye's used up hole. When Nico sees Zario let loose, he dumps his load all over Taye's face. With both holes filled with jizz, Taye is the last to blast and oozes a massive load all over his cock. The three studs kiss and moan as they bask in the aftermath of an amazing jizz-filled threesome.

Mason Lear, Michael Roman

Master Plan

Michael Roman lets Mason Lear out of his cage so the slave can prove his worth. Mason is eager to please his master and starts by cleaning Michael's boots with his tongue. When Michael's patience runs out, he puts Mason on a leash and leads him to another room where he chains the slave and grabs a flog. 'Thank you, Sir!' Mason screams out as Michael flog him relentlessly. Michael wants more and whips out his cock to feed to his eager sub. Mason can't get enough of Michael's cock down his throat and gags on the massive meat until Michael decides to take a taste of Mason's vulnerable ass. He gets Mason nice and opened up and when he's convinced Mason is near the breaking point for needing dick, Michael stands up and shoves his thick, veiny cock deep into Mason's open hole. Mason takes it like a champ from his master until Michael is ready to blow. When Michael can no longer hold back, he pulls out and fucks Mason's face until he drops his creamy load in his slave's gagging mouth.

Princeton Price, Will Braun, Jake Porter

Halloween Hoe Down

After a fun afternoon in Will Braun's uncle's prop shop, they guys have their costumes for the Halloween party all picked out, but in the course of modeling their different ensembles, the three of them have gotten pretty worked up. They're dressed to the nines but now all they can think about is getting naked again, so they grab their costumes and head back to the crib for a more private party. Jake Porter is in the holiday spirit early, ready to trick both of his guys, and Princeton Price and Will are more than happy to take full advantage of the treat. Together, the three of them will make sure this Halloween is a screaming good time. Enjoy!

Logan Moore, Samir Hott

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sexy Brock Banks Pounds Nico Leon HARD

Sexy Brock Banks Pounds Nico Leon HARD

Brock Banks is back to give Nico Leon the passionate power-topping they BOTH want to happen in this condom-free scene. Brock makes his intentions clear as they make out and he bends Nico over and pulls down his underwear to bury his face is his crack. His mouth, tongue & fingers open up Nico's hairy hole and Brock pulls his cock and balls free from his briefs to pound him and slam fuck him deep.

After they get fully naked, Brock fucks Nico hard on his back, exciting the vocal bottom even more. Before they both go over the edge though Brock turns Nico around to use him by fucking his throat. After he takes every inch Brock rewards him with some sucking and 69 action, but soon he wants back in his hole. Lying Nico on his stomach, slobbers on & finger probes his hole before getting on top of him to fuck him raw.

Brock uses the full force of his muscles to pound Nico deep & hard. He makes Nico work for his load by getting him on all fours so he can work his hole on his cock as he fucks him. Finally Brock drills Nico on his back again and just as Nico begged for it, Brock pulls out to cum over his hole and breed him with it. He licks up what's left and deep kisses Nico who strokes his cock until he erupts in super-thick white load. With proud affection Brock tells Nico simply, "Good boy." 

Adam Ramzi, Dante Colle, and Calvin Banks

Scared Stiff 2: Amityville Whore Episode 3

“Help Us Father” Starring Adam Ramzi, Dante Colle, & Calvin Banks Dante Colle and Calvin Banks are abruptly woken up with a shower of "demon semen." Mortified and disgusted, Calvin decides he’s going to find a Priest to bless their new home. Father Adam Ramzi arrives at the mansion and lets the couple know he can help them out for a price. After the discussion of payment is out of the way, Father Adam starts to bless the house in an attempt to rid it of the demons that possess it. Father Adam tells Dante and Calvin, for $500 more, he’ll rid their house of the Amityville Whore and fuck them both good. They agree and start making out on the couch. Father Adam stands and lifts his robe to reveal his uncut cock for Dante and Calvin to service. Adam completely disrobes and Dante focus on sucking his cock while Calvin takes the backend and eats the Father’s ass. The Priest returns the blessing with a sopping wet hummer to the horny married duo. He services both of their cocks before bending Calvin and Dante over the couch to work their holes with his tongue and fingers. Adam starts to work his bare cock into their holes, switching back and forth between the two studs, fucking them deep. The husbands watch each other get fucked by Adam bareback until Dante and Adam bend Calvin over and spit-roast him. With Adam down his throat, and Dante up his ass, Calvin is loving all of the extra attention. Dante wants some more of the Priest cock and gets on top to ride his thick holy stick. Calvin helps out his husband but jacking him off while he rides Adam until he dumps his load all over the floor. Calvin hops on for his turn riding Adam’s thick meat until he blasts his load all over the Priest. Adam makes sure to lick up and drops left behind on Calvin’s tip before stroking out his own load to feed the couple. Father Adam claims the house is “clean” before all of the furniture starts shifting on its own. Now that he got his money, Adam reveals he’s not a real Priest and bolts out of the house. What are Dante and Calvin supposed to do now?