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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dale's hairy ass!

Hi all! 

Today's my fav-boy is Dale again!!. I hope you, guys enjoyed Dale Cooper Lover :) I just cannot stop posting his images because I believe these images are the best images! Enjoy!

Click the image below to see more images! :)


  1. furry ass! i lov it man.
    dont forget my 2 requests ok
    furry xerxes and big butt arkady zadrovich

  2. hey dude are you american?
    recent survey showed that the majority of Americans
    are completely obsessed with hairy men! is true?
    Here in Brazil people prefer shaved guys like babies! completely without any twat in the ass!it became an obsession here in Brazil Latinos are very hairy and want to be like the Norse men completely shaved!
    i prefer very very furr

  3. Thank you, Taurus! I will try . . . :)

    Hi Lukkas!

    I am not sure, but I like hairy guys. Hairless guys turn me off . . . :)) I love masculine guys! Thank you for your commnet!