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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love you, Spencer! :)

Hello everybody!

I posted 2 more series of Spencer! :) I love this guy. He is so hot!

One is about Spencer is having xxx with boys in a house. Look at the image below. He is staring a guy while inserting his huge sweet!

Oh yeah, I just let you know that each image links to a different page, so Please check them out! Thanks!

The other one is about naked guys are wrestling. This is quite hot as well. I guess these movies are created when Spencer was young because he is quite skinny. Anyway he wrestles with naked guys, of course, his underwear is taken off while fighting and you will see xxx scene as well! The one below is his sexy shot! What a nice pose, huh!

This is a part of wrestling?! Well, he aggressively fu-ks guy's ass. Right one....that is Spencer.......but I wanna see him taking a role of being a bottom someday. That would be extremely hot!...just my kinky thought :)

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