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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Austin Wolf, Danny Gunn

 Title : Skuff: Dog House

Description : Danny Gunn has been a good boy in his cage while his daddy, Austin Wolf, has been away. Austin lets his pup out to play and Danny is excited to give his master some attention. After some happy licks to Austin's rock-hard body, Danny finds his way down to sniff his daddy's crotch. Danny takes good care of Austin's growing cock and gets it nice and hard for what's about to come. Danny hops on top of his master to continue sucking his big fat cock while Austin readies his puppy's hole with plenty of spit, fingers, and tongue. Austin can hardly wait to reward Danny and eventually caves to the temptation by sliding his massive bone deep inside the pup's smooth tight butt. The two studs hammer it out with a combination of pounding and riding before Austin fucks the cum right out of his man. Danny drops a creamy load all over Austin's hairy six-pack and then gets down to lick his balls. All it takes is Danny's tongue on his sack for Austin to let go and finish the job with a splash of jizz to the good pup's face.

Actors : Austin Wolf, Danny Gunn

Saturday, August 8, 2020

De Silva and Logan Moore

This is a Bonus Editor’s Cut of the original movie released in November 2015.

The chemistry between Hector De Silva and Logan Moore is intense! The two men kiss, suck, lick and fuck each other under the shower, not caring about getting their suits soaked or steaming up the camera lens with the heat between them. But it’s clear from the very first minute that this is no regular fuck and go - Hector’s on a mission to pleasure Logan by giving it to him hard and deep, again and again; to the point that they both shoot an amazing load and relieve months of pent-up sexual attraction.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Andy Star & Bruno Max

Andy Star spent the night at his boyfriend’s shared apartment. After his boyfriend leaves for work, Andy takes a shower and goes to get some coffee wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. Bruno Max, the roommate, is dressed, ready for his morning coffee before heading to the office. He gets a pleasant surprise when he runs into Andy and his towel "accidentally" falls off.

While getting dressed, Andy realizes that he forgot to bring a tie to wear. He enters Bruno’s bedroom and finds one that will work. When he’s just about to leave the bedroom, Bruno walks in on him. Andy apologizes and asks Bruno to please not tell his boyfriend. Bruno agrees not to say anything but Andy wants him to keep an even bigger secret.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gianni Maggio & Valentino Sistor

Gianni Maggio is “the expert” with a massive cock that is going to show Valentino Sistor, beginner how to show your best side to the camera. As soon as Valentino sees Gianni’s colossal cock, he jumps on it and shows that he is no beginner when it comes to cock sucking. His cock sucking skills are actually quite impressive as he is able to take all 24 cm (9.5”). Gianni is thinking to himself, “if this guy’s mouth is this talented, I can’t wait to see how deep I can go in his ass.” Valentino’s ass gets a thorough tongue lashing before Gianni slams his cock, balls deep inside of him. While holding his ass open, Valentino shows Gianni that he is eager to take that huge, raw cock. Gianni fucks Valentino in multiple positions before creaming his ass with his thick load of cum. As Gianni swirls his cum all around Valentino’s ass, Valentino strokes his cock as Gianni laps up his sweet cum. With that hot tongue teasing his ass, Valentino shoots his hot load. Valentino may be a beginner to gay porn, but not to monster cocks.